Let’s get this thing started . . .

I started this blog a few weeks ago and have yet to make an entry.  Time to get going!!

Right now, the projects I have underway are:

1.  A blanket for my sister.  This is a pattern from the Lion Brand site – the “Warm Up America” afghan.  I have ALMOST finished making all the squares.  I think I have about 9 (out of 49) left.  I hope to have it finished for her before the cold weather strikes again.  She knows about it, and is being very patient.

2.  A dress for my friend’s granddaughter.  It is also a Lion Brand pattern called “Baby Doll Dress”.  It is so cute.  I may end up making two more for my cousins twins. 

3.  A tote bag that will end up being felted.  This is from the Annie’s Attic knitting project a month club (I don’ t recall the exact name).  It was the first project I received from them.  I just received the second project yesterday – a cute pair of socks.  These could be some good Christmas presents! 

4.  I picked up some pretty (and inexpensive) cotton yarn at Michael’s yesterday to make a dishtowel and dish clothes.  They are going to be really cute and require little to no thought while actually knitting them!  I love projects like that! 

Yes, I usually have several projects going at once.  That’s my ADD right there in a nutshell for you!!

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