Yarn and Needle Hoarder

WOW!  It’s been over 3 months since my last knitting post.  It was a busy summer, what can I say?

I confess:  I am a knitting supplies hoarder.  It’s true. 

I recently watched an episode of  “Hoarders” in which the woman was confronted with a huge stash of knitting needles that she had collected.  She was forced to keep only TWO sets!!  Obviously the people helping her have no knowledge of knitting and don’t realize you NEED a huge stash of needles.  I was feeling very upset for her.  I thought of my own collection of needles.  I couldn’t part with all but two.  “You can’t do that to her!!” Believe me, there was plenty of other stuff in her house to get rid of . . . they certainly could have let her keep the needles!

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