Finally Finished . . .

A few years ago I started a blanket project.  I made a beautiful blanket for my sister Christy.  I mean, I really loved it!!  And I think she did too.   After that, I made one for my mother and then one for my stepmom Michelle.  So Nicki was next on my list.  When I told her that she was getting a blanket, she was very excited!  I showed her the pattern, and even asked her preference about color choices.  The pattern I selected was totally “her” I thought.  It’s a block pattern – I had to knit 49 separate blocks.  That was the tough part.

You see I have a bit of ADD, and after awhile (and not a long while at that) I got bored knitting blocks.  It had already been well over a year in the making at Thanksgiving time 2010.  We had a long road trip and I actually ended up finishing four of the final five blocks I needed to knit.  I kept giving Nicki teasers about my progress.  But I know she was not holding her breath!

Well Christmas came and went, and I still had one final block to knit.  The holidays were so busy (but so fun) and I didn’t get to work on the blanket at all.  That’s not entirely true.  At some point, I did start sewing finished blocks together.  I had two “strips” of blocks assembled and then started sewing those together.  It was enough to see how pretty the final product was going to be!  Then we had a snow day!!  So I got most of the blanket assembled that day.  The following weekend was the MLK holiday and I set aside time to finish it up! 

I brought it over to Nicki’s on Monday the 17th.  She was so happy with it!! 

Finished Jan 17 ,2011

This picture is of the blanket spread out on my bed.  Looks nice!!

Next blankets will be for the kids.  Anna, Nick, Kallie, Thomas and Sophie will all get one to take to college.  With luck, the blankets will be their college colors.  That will be tough with Kallie and Nick since they will both be starting college at the same time!  Well, I’ll work out something.  By this time next year, I’ll be right in the thick of making Anna’s I’m sure.

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