Master Class

While surfing the web the other day, I came across the Knitting Guild Association website.  Very interesting.  Lots of resources there (and links to Ravelry!).  I found information on the Master Knitters program they offer.  It’s a three level course.  They mailed my class materials – basically a set of instructions for different swatches I have to complete to demonstrate my skills.  There are also questions to answer and one project to complete.  This is for level one.  Once I’m done, I have to submit my work for review by a committee.  They might pass me, they might send it back to try again!  Who knows!

Nothing in the first level seems too daunting, but to be honest, I’ve never blocked anything in my life!  So now is the time to learn! As I go, I will have to learn some new techniques – for example the long tail cast on.  I’ve watched a You Tube video on it, but haven’t tried it myself yet.   Doing research is part of the course.  So it should be very interesting. 

Anway, this blog will be my diary along the way.  I am very anxious to get started!

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