Finishing Class

My finishing class on Saturday was GREAT!!  The instructor, MK, was excellent.  Knowledgeable about knitting and fun.  Great combo.  There was only one other woman in the class so that made it all the better.  Lots of individual attention. 

We brought in four swatches and by the end of the class had done horizontal and vertical seams:

Best seams I have ever done!  I hope I can remember how to do them when the time comes!  The instructor uses the Knitters Companion book – I have that one as well and have taken it out and will start making notes in it. 

We got lots of other great tips as well.  I understand now that I really should do a swatch for gauge before starting a project!  And have a better understanding of blocking. 

Bad news:  I found out that all my purl stitches are twisted!!  I think I’ve figured out how to correct this, but it means for sure I need to redo the swatches I’ve already done for the master class!  Hard to change my old habits, but worth it. 

Gauge class in two weeks!  Looking forward to it.  May even sign up for some more!!

Oh – the classes were held in the Hillsborough Yarn Shop’s storeroom.  A little table surrounded by shelves packed with beautiful yarns!!!

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