Scarf update

I recently fell in LOVE.  With some very fine mohair yarn from Be Sweet and the scarf pattern that came with it.  A fine scarf on the diagonal.  Lovely in “Shakespeare Colors” – and I have a thing for him too so it’s kismet, right?

The yarn in question also comes with an impressive price tag.  But it’s for a Christmas present.  For my step mom.  That doesn’t explain why I bought enough for TWO scarves. 

Anyway, I decided to go try the scarf out on some less expensive yarn before diving into the gold standard.  At Michael’s I found Lion Brand “Amazing” in Ruby.  So pretty.  It’s knitting up nicely . . .

This project is being used to work out the pattern in my head . . . and to work out my twisted stitches issues.  There are twisted stitches galore in this scarf – particularly in the lower half.  But it is beautiful to look at.  I like to pause after every row or two to spread it out and admire.   I think I’ll have enough yarn leftover to make up a matching hat. . . . .


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