Christmas Knitting

My list of Christmas knitting projects is getting out of control!!!  I hope I have time to do all this.  So far, I’m planning:

2 felted totes

2 scarves

2 or 3 little pouches (1 is done just needs sewing up)

a cowl (in progress)

my smitten garland for the house (in progress)

a stocking for Scotch

I made a beautiful (to this day one of my favorites) stocking for my sister’s dog Lucy.  It’s so cute and the colors are beautiful.  So Scotch needs one.  Question is what about my sisters 4 cats?  And what about my OTHER sister’s dog and 3 cats?  This could get out of hand.  Although last year I cranked out three Christmas stockings in time for the holidays . . . a new one for my husband (Carolina Hurricanes themed) and one for each of my sisters.  All our childhood stockings are long lost unfortunately.  So they needed new ones!

I also found a really cute (and free!) pattern on Knit Picks for a tiny Santa hat.  Could be fun to crank some of those out.  . . .

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