So a new name . . . again

I decided a needed to change the blog name again.  I did a google search and there is already a Kiki Knits.  There is a Knitastic, Knitacular, Knit Knack, Knitty Knitty Bang Bang.  All the clever names I could think of are already taken!!

This is a spin on a favorite saying of my grandmother and aunt.  They had a lot of favorite sayings actually.  This one was “Sh*t and 2 is 8.”  That thought came to mind as Iwas googling the other options I came up with, so I thought why not??  It’s a bit offbeat, and sentimental too! 

On the knitting front the beautiful scarf I wrote about last week is now two balls of yarn!  I unravelled it to make it into a cowl (the first cowl is done and is beautiful) and maybe some fingerless gloves.  A set of some kind. 

Will post pics soon.

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