You’ve got to be kidding me . . .

This year for Christmas I have already made two wonderful “two-stitch” cowls using Lion Brand’s Amazing yarn.  It is truly amazing.  Easy to work with and very pretty to look at.  They are also very fast to make up!  Bonus!  I found a pattern for matching fingerless gloves on the Lion Brand site – also in Amazing.  So the plan is to make up some cowls and “Dolce Fingerless Gloves” to give as a set to a few people at Christmas. 

I made up the first glove last night (well, mostly . . . note quite done) using double pointed needles.  I realized it would look much better if done on a circular needle.  I have a few 9″ circulars . . . but not size 9.  I did a google search to find one and


Nada. Nil.  I’ll keep looking of course, but am not hopeful.  Looks like I’ll have to go with the size 8s I have and adjust the pattern a bit.  What a pain!!  So that means, I either have to knit the 2nd one of this set on dpn and not be 100% happy with how they look.  Or I need to rip this one out.  Hmmm.  That will take some thinking.


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