Yarn Crawl Weekend

In honor of the Triangle Yarn Crawl, I went out and about this past Saturday to several of my local yarn shops!  Two of them were only participating in the crawl on Sunday.  But I went anyway! 

Started off at Cozy in Durham, NC.  Not a large selection of yarn compared to the other stores, but very pleasant service and a nice knitting atmosphere!  One knitter came in and spread her almost finished sweater out on the table to get some assistance with seaming.  Another lady was looking for a yarn for some fingerless gloves — and there was me just browsing.  I did end up purchasing two hanks of Cascade 220 in a pretty light green. 

I asked the owner about finding some #11 needles with a sharper point on the tip (much needed for my Be Sweet Diagonal Scarves).  She ended up lending me a pair!  Pretty nice, if I do say so.  I’ll go back – and not just to return the needles! 

Next stop was Yarns, Etc in Chapel Hill.  Much bigger selection.  This shop was also buzzing with activity.  They were participating in the crawl that day.  So much fun to walk around and just touch all the pretty yarns.  Also fun to see some yarns I’ve read about online “in person”.  I bought two hanks of a dark gray/black silk blend (can’t recall offhand what it’s blended with!).  I bought it with the thought of making a scarf for my Dad, but am now rethinking that!!  And, I found a perfect pair of #11 needles with a nice sharp point.  They were $11 so I purchased them.  Very pretty needles at that!! 

After a lunch break and a quick stop at home (to find my son out with friends and my husband sound asleep in his recliner) I headed out for a final stop:  the Hillsborough Yarn Shop.  This is my favorite place!!  Huge selection in a cozy little shop.  So much pretty yarn and lots of pattern books (although not too many that it’s overwhelming).  Had a chat with the woman who writes the shops blog.  She does a great job!!  Updates very frequently and writes well!  We chatted about the fact that she gets to knit at work (how fun!!) 

At the HYS I purchased the book “Weekend Hats” (the third copy sold that day!), a hank of Swan River in a dusty pink and hank of an alpaca blend in a darker pink.  It really looks red in the photo below however . . .

So this is my stash from the day of knitting shopping!  It was really fun.  I do most purchasing online, but it’s nice to be able to see and feel the yarn before purchasing it. 

In other news . . . I finished my fourth cowl in “Amazing” on Saturday night.  Putting a hold on the cowls for a bit.  Finished one of the matching fingerless gloves, but I don’t like it and think I’m going to take it apart and start again.  It just looks misshapen.

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