Comforting Cowls

There is something so comforting about knitting cowls – particularly the cowls I have been knitting lately.  After reading the directions once the pattern is committed to memory.  A 1.5″ k2 p2 border on each end and just knits between. 

I don’t maintain that I’m the most stressed out person I know – far from it.  But I do have two teenage kids (one applying for college), a husband, a full-time job and an aging mother that needs a lot of help.  At the end of the day there is nothing more soothing than knitting a cowl to melt the day away.  It’s almost medatative. 

I have only one cowl left on my list for Christmas gifts!!  The fingerless gloves that go with them are a close second, but knitting the thumb gussett requires a bit more focus!  I have 11 of them to go!  I finished one yesterday (my third attempt at it) and I think it’s a keeper.  Not perfect, but cozy and pretty! 

I tried my fancy new #11s out on the mohair last week.  They were better, but not great.  I think I may need to look into a lace needle.  The woman at Cozy said they are expensive, but I want to get these right after all the $$ I spent on the yarn!


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