Yummy Lunch

I’m weak.  When it comes to yarns stores and beautiful yarns, I’m just weak.  Plain and simple.  The good thing is that I know this about myself, so I’m never surprised by my own yarn store splurges. 

A couple of weeks ago I stopped by Cozy.  It’s right near my office, which may or may not be a good thing.  In addition to a nice yarn collection (not extensive, but very nice) they sell shoes, clothes (funky stuff) and other gift items.  Very cool place that I can’t believe it took me so long to go to.  The woman, who I took be the owner, lent me a pair of size 11 aluminum needles.  I was looking for a needle with a nice sharp point and we thought that might work.  It didn’t.  Anyway, I went by today (finally) to return the needles.  I gave them to the woman at the counter and then as if by will of their own, my legs took me right to the back of the shop to the yarns. 

Yesterday was a really bad day for me, and I’m still feeling a little down.  To cure the blues, I purchased my first Malabrigo yarns!  I bought 2 hanks of silk merino in Archangel and one hank of worsted in Intenso.  Two very yummy colors on three scrumptious hanks! 

I did swing by the bagel place after that.  Can’t live on yarn alone.  If only!

Here is the picture.  Not the best, but you can get the idea:

My first Malabrigo yarns

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