Some Progress on the Christmas Knitting Front

It’s been a very busy few weeks.  College applications, homework, my work, taking Mom to and from Doctor appointments.  Hasn’t left me much time for really quality knitting!  I have made some progress though.  I made a hat for my nephew Thomas:

It’s a pattern I picked up at Michaels.  The yarn is Red Heart.  Fairly quick to knit.  And easy.  I think he’ll like it!  I’ve cast on a scarf to match.   And, this is Thomas:

He’s a cute, and very funny, kid!  I’ve also been working on a hat for my niece Kallie.  The hat is close to being done.  I’m worried it might be a bit small.  It fits me, so it should fit Kal.  I’m working on the “ties” for the hat now.  Which is a bit tedious.  In the meantime I took  a break and knit up an “easy fingerless glove” to match the hat.  I found the pattern on Ravelry.  This was pretty fast to knit up (and I will be making another one!).  Here it is:



Tonight I am going to work on the hat some more, and will probably cast on the second glove.  By the way, the yarn I’m using for Kallie’s hat and gloves is Paca Tweed.  SOOO incredibly soft.  I LOVE it!!  I may have enough yarn to whip up another pair.

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