19 days and counting down

Oh man, am I running out of knitting time!  I’m working a hat now for my mom with the beautiful Dublin Co Yarn I wrote about earlier.  It’s so cute.  Very light.  I’d love to have time to knit the two fingerless gloves I was going to make to go with it, but that might not happen!  Also working on a scarf for my Dad that is lovely.  I have a bit more time for this since I won’t see him until the 29th – but the yarn is so soft . . . just had to work on it some last night.

The last “active” project I have on the needles for Christmas is a hat for my niece.  I fell in LOVE with Hannah Fettig’s Earflap Hat http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/earflap-hat-10.  It is perfect for my niece Kallie who looks awesome in hats!!  I’m using Paca Tweed (shown in the fingerless gloves I made for her earlier).  The pattern is super easy, so I know the problems I’ve had are user related – not pattern related.

Attempt ONE:  Used the Paca Tweed yarn I wrote about earlier (same colorway I used on the fingerless gloves I finished up recently) and the recommended needle size.  Did I knit a gauge swatch?  Of course not!!  The hat was HUGE.  So I frogged that one.

Attempt TWO:  Used fewer stitches and same needles.  This worked well, until I got to the earflaps.  That part was a mess.  Frogged.  Added a blue stripe.

Attempt Three:  Decided to forego the earflaps.  Used the blue as the main color, with a red stripe.  This pattern is so great.  Very easy.  I think I know it by heart by now.  This is the only one I have a picture of  (so far).  Look at it.  So innocent looking.  So soft.  In this picture the ends are not woven in and it’s not blocked.

Kallie's Hat - 3rd attempt

This hat looks nice.  But the cast off edge is so tight, a normal person can’t put it on.  My nephew is small so we got it on him, but I think it was cutting off the blood flow to his brain!  So now it sits.

In the meantime, my sister told me that Kallie saw a picture of a similar earflap hat in a catalog and wants one.  So . . . that means there is an attempt four.

Attempt FOUR:  have started, but not too far.  Back to using red as the main color.  Not sure I’m going to do a stripe.  Back to the # of stitches required by the pattern, but have gone down two needle sizes.  If this one doesn’t work, I’m going to buy her an earflap hat!

Not really.  As God is my witness, I will not let this hat beat me!!

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