Mom’s Hat

I got some good Christmas knitting done on Saturday.  I finished Mom’s hat.  It’s a very light hat – not good for really cold weather.  But it’s cute and will look cute on, and it doesn’t often get sub-zero here in NC!!  Here is the finished product straight off the needles around midnight on Saturday:

Mom's Hat - Yarn from Dublin Dye Co.

Sort of your standard beanie hat.   I think she’ll love it.  I have enough leftover for the matching fingeless gloves, but we’ll see.

I was inspired last week to try the Luxe Cowl on TenTenKnits.  I had that beautiful Malabrigo that was calling to me (I’m a cowl!  I’m a cowl!).  Even though it wasn’t as bulky as the yarn in the pattern, it knitted up nicely.  A lighter cowl, but lovely:

My version of the Luxe Cowl from TenTenKnits

This is pre-washing.  I was a bit too tight on the bind off row (at the top).  But it still fits over the head.  I’m noticing a pattern here with my bind offs.  I washed it.  This is really the first thing I’ve washed.  Boy was it stretchy.  I think I’ve got it back in shape though.  It’s not dry yet.  Will post another pic when it’s dry.  It’s so soft.  At least, I hope it’s still as soft as it was before I washed it.

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