Getting there . . .

On Saturday I took all my recently knitted items and spread them out on the bed.  There really is a good selection of knitted loveliness ready to be shared.  Truth is, people love handmade gifts.  I think people will be pretty pleased . . .

My knitted Christmas Gifts

When I look at them all like this, it does feel like I’ve been somewhat productive.  I also finished Sophie’s hat last night . . . which is not pictured above.  I found the pattern online.  I think it’s called Malabrigo Hat Thing — something like that.  I don’t have the website URL with me now, but will post to give credit where it’s due.  Cute hate.  Made a bit smaller to fit an 8 year old head!  8 1/2 year old – excuse me.  I love looking at this hat and touching it.  It’s very stretchy.

And it’s going on a very beautiful head . . .

 Can’t wait to see it on her!!

I made great progress on Kallie’s hat last night too.  I told my husband it has several errors, but hopefully they aren’t noticeable.  I just can’t start over at this point!

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