It’s just too horrible . . .

I’d had a bad feeling about this since the day I brought the yarn home.  It was after my first sock class.  I strolled around the yarn shop and found this beautiful Malabrigo sock yarn in Rayon Vert.  Deep purple, green, some pink.  Lovely.  The shop owner was sorry to see it go . . . she loved it too and it was the last hank.  I assured it was going to a good home, not to worry.

The problem was that on closer inspection the hank didn’t seem to be wound very tightly — even still coiled up it looked a bit messy.  This worried me a bit.  Every time I thought about putting it on the swift I got a little nervous about this.  So last night I threw caution to the wind.  The cat was nowhere in sight, so I figured I had a small window of time to get this done.

As I uncoiled it, my suspicions of it not being wound quite right were confirmed.  But I got it on the swift and hooked up the ball winder and started.  All was going okay until Scotch came in to watch… and then grabbed at the yarn.  The yarn swift collapsed and the yarn ended up in a pile.  A messy, tangly pile.  I tried to be very careful about moving it, but it was no use.

I worked on that tangled mess for a couple of hours believe it or not.  Trying salvage as much as I could.  In the end, I tossed it.  That was tough to do.  I didn’t take pictures of the mess.  Much too painful!  I did get right online and ordered a replacement hank (and another to keep it company on the journey to my house!).

So this is what it should look like:

So in other news, I’m working on fingerless gloves for Anna:

My sock for sock class (this is the 2nd attempt.  on my first try the sock was way too wide, so I started over).  Very close to being done with this one:

And finally for today, when I was at my sister’s house last weekend, she brought out this ski hat I’d made years ago.  I’d made several one Christmas.  Looking at it now – boy, I did a nice job on this!

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