100 Days of Knitting & Miscellaneous

I decided to give myself a little challenge:  knit every day for 100 days straight.  I’m not specifying how much I have to knit everyday – maybe just a row.  Maybe just a stitch?  But who can stop at just one stitch!?  If I start today, the end date will be May 25th.

It might be kind of fun!!

The Carolina Fiber Festival is being held in May at the state fairgrounds in Raleigh.  I signed up for a blocking class.  Apparently I was the first person to sign up for a class and they are sending me a tote bag!  I love tote bags!

Also working on the Cullen Cowl from the Quince & Co website.  It’s designed for Puffin.  Love the cowl.  I had quite a time getting the pattern straight – but on the 4th or 5th try I finally got it!  I’m actually working it in a blue Lion Brand wool.  Also chunky like Puffin.  Will also be doing one in Puffin.

Ordered some Spud & Chloe yarn today and purchased a pattern on their website for a men’s sweater.  The sweater says “Joe” all over it.  Looks pretty easy.

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