A Knitting Weekend

I had most of the weekend to myself, which is highly unusual.  My husband and son are off at a hockey tournament, and my daughter was off with friends.

So I knit.  Boy did I knit!

Friday night:  I worked on my Effortless Cardigan.  I had just recently picked it up again after a few weeks.  I probably worked on it for two hours.

Saturday morning:  Had my last toe up sock class.  I finished my first sock!!  I am going to miss going to this class.  The ladies were very enjoyable and just love knitting.  One woman is going to Elizabeth Zimmerman’s knitting camp this summer!  Sounds so fun!  Anyway . . . here’s my sock:

Saturday afternoon and well into the night were devoted to the Effortless Cardigan.  I divided for the sleeves.  I’ll take an update photo soon.  It seems to be going very well!

Sunday I finished up the 2nd fingerless glove for Anna:

 I think the one on the left is the 2nd one.  Of course the 2nd one is a bit better than the first.  They look very good on a hand! After the first one I kept thinking:  I hate knitting fingers.  So I put off making the 2nd glove.  But the fingers went much more smoothly this time, and I found I didn’t really hate it after all.  It’s hard working so few stitches on double points – and then also dealing with the stitches that are on stitch holder.

I did find a nice use for the little bit of the Malabrigo Royal Vert that I had managed to salvage:  waste yarn for holding stitches.

I still have a full hank of the Quince & Co Chickadee I used to make the gloves.  What can I make out of that?

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