It’s the weekend!

Love Fridays.  Today is overcast and we are expecting some wild weather later today.  We’re also expecting house guests!  Big weekend – my mother in law’s 80th birthday tomorrow!  She is so excited!!

Update on the 100 days of knitting:  so far so good.  Fortunately, I don’t have an upper limit on what I need to do each day.  Today it might be very little.  But knit I shall!  Anna’s loving her gloves!  I told her I thought there might be more in her future!

Not sure when my yarn diet is going start. Well, maybe tomorrow — just like all diets!! 😉  I purchased three skeins of Spud & Chloe sweater (popsicle, watermelon & grass) to make a baby sweater for a friends’ grand-daughter.  Alana Dakos (Never Not Knitting) pattern.  The yarn for Joe’s sweater (also Spud & Chloe) is also on the way!!

My other big purchase of the day (and I need to STOP buying yarn, needles and knitting books) was a set of Knitter’s Pride Dreamz interchangeable needles.  Can not wait to get them.  My interchangeables came from Michaels and they kind of suck.  They unscrew from the cord while I’m knitting and on more than one occasion have just come apart!!  Not a good thing!  So I have to constantly make sure they are tight.

So starting NOW – no more knitting purchases.  My yarn clubs should keep happily in new yarn for awhile!

Have a great weekend all!

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