Knitters Pride & Effortless Update

Yes, my new Knitter’s Pride needles (interchangables) were waiting for me when I got home yesterday!  So exciting.  Also had some Spud & Chloe sweater yarn to start working on one of Alana Dakos’  baby sweater patterns for a friend’s baby.  It’s called “Chloe” and is very cute.  So I started on the sweater with my swanky new needles.  I purchased my 1st Knitter’s Pride needle when I started my socks.  Love it.  And so far, love the new ones too!  It was a splurge, but I’m worth it, right?!

Update on the Effortless Cardigan:

I haven’t worked on it in about a week, but this is how it’s shaping up.  I really have enjoyed the knitting.  Am going away for the weekend . . . should I take this with me to work on?  Or some smaller project(s)??  Decisions.

Also, I realized I have not posted a picture of the Cullin Cowl (a Quince & CO pattern).  This is done with Lion Brand Wool.  Such a pretty color.  Plan to do this one again with Puffin.

This is after a good soaking in Euclan wash.  It’s not quite as bulky as the Puffin, but still holds up well and looks nice on.  I’m just a big fan of Puffin.

100 Days of Knitting still going strong.  I think this is day 16.  Only 84 more to go!


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