Yarn Along

Good morning Blogosphere!  It is such a beautiful day here in NC.  Supposed to reach 80 today.   The windows are open again and all is right with the world!  Well, the windows are open anyway . . .

Really moving a long on the Chloe baby sweater I’m making for a friend’s new grand daughter.  It’s a Never Not Knitting pattern.  Here is a picture from a few days ago:

It’s sideways I know!  You can kind of see the shape of the sweater coming along.  Actually now I’m at the point where I just need to sew up the underarm seams and add the button loops and buttons.  Going to buy some buttons today at lunch (if I find some cute enough!).  I forgot to take a picture of it this morning before leaving the house!!  I’m pleased.  I think it is cute enough to gift!

As for reading, I’m in the middle (or thereabouts) of “Defending Jacob” by William Landay.

 This book was recommended by a facebook friend.  I’ve read a couple of her recommendations and they are usually very good.  This is  a legal novel – about a DA whose son is charged with murder.  A rather fast read.  I tried to take a picture of this with my knitting, but its on a Kindle fire – and the brightness of the screen made it hard to get a good shot of both together.

This past weekend we were helping my mom clean out her closets.  We found some unfinished knitted goods in a bag – a cute baby hat and and ADORABLE and beautifully knit baby sweater.  No patterns in sight.  I can probably wing it with the hat (the receipt for the hat materials was from 1996!)  but the sweater is going to be more difficult.  I’m hoping to bring it to my LYS to see if someone can decipher it for me.  After I give it a try that is!  I think I’ll need help.  Will post pictures.  What a find.  There were also a few stitch holders that I snagged.  Mom is just not knitting anymore.  It’s too bad.  She seems to have had quite a talent!

Stopped into the yarn shop on Saturday for one set of small stitch markers.  Left with 3 sets of stitch markers in various sizes and shapes, a Knitter’s pride crochet hook and 3 skeins of yarn!  One Croc-o-Dye and two cascade 220 heathers.  I’m weak.

And so the yarn diet begins again!

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