A good knitting weekend . . .

Chloe is finished and was delivered to my co-worker this morning.  Hopefully she’ll end up at her new home soon!  I tried it on one of the kids’ old teddy bears yesterday.  To see how it might look on.  Joe wants me to knit another one for his cousin’s baby girl.  I think she was born last year some time.  I have enough yarn left to do another one.  I don’t want to make two in a row though!

I have started a cute little green v-neck cardigan for Anna’s boss’ baby boy who was born recently.  I’m using stash yarn – which is a bonus – and it’s so cute.  It’s yarn I bought for a baby sweater that never materialized.  I think it’s going to be adorable.  It’s an Ann Norling pattern.   I’m knitting the front panels and back as one panel and then will work each piece at the same time, but with different balls of yarn to reduce seams.  Should only have shoulder seams for the vest part of the sweater.  Then I’ll only have to deal with the arms!  So far:

100 days of knitting still going strong.  On Thursday last week I didn’t actually knit any stitches, but I seamed the underarms on the Chloe and wove in the ends etc.  I’m counting that!!  I knit a few stitches before work today because after work will be tough . . . going to the BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN concert in Greensboro tonight!!  Can not wait.  We have seen him many times and this time we are taking the kids! Should be a lot of fun!!

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