Yarn Along Update

Good morning Blogosphere!  I hope all is well out there.

Still reading “Defending Jacob” – am a bit of a slow reader.  Really enjoying it though.  If you enjoy courtroom dramas, you would probably like this one!

Not much to report on the knitting scene for the past couple of days.  I was glad that I had knitted a few stitches on the next baby sweater on Monday  morning . . . that was all the knitting I got in that day!!  Went to the Bruce Springsteen concert in Greensboro.  Awesome as always.  He totally gets better with age.  The best part now is that my son is becoming a big fan!!  Last night I was reading in my room, and I could hear “Born to Run” blaring from his room!! What a proud moment! 🙂

We were all pretty beat last night, but I forced myself to straighten up in my closet.  Spring cleaning time.  Not too much knitting . . . I did complete a few more rows on the latest baby cardi – the Ann Norling v-neck.  I’m using Magic Garden Buttons yarn on this one.  Love the way it knits up.  Here’s a picture from the Magic Garden Buttons site.  This is pretty close to the color I’m using.

The little cardi still looks much the same as it did in my Monday post – a bit longer though:


4 thoughts on “Yarn Along Update

  1. That yarn looks like a a great choice for a baby sweater. I’m here from ‘yarn along’, I click on your name because it was my grandmother’s name. Just seeing it brought back wonderful memories.

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