Yarn Along

Good morning Yarn Alongers!  I hope everyone has had a nice week.  Things are great around here.

I managed to finish “Defending Jacob” last week.  A surprise end to be sure.  I’m trying to get my husband to read it.  He’s not much into fiction, but I think he’d enjoy it.  I’ve started a new book – detective fiction I guess you’d call it.  I don’t read this type of book very often – it’s called Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell.

I chose this book because the Body Farm referenced in the title is at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.  I was there last weekend with my daughter and a friend of hers to tour the campus.  My daughter has been accepted so we went to check it out.  She’s still mulling over her options, but I have a feeling she will be a Volunteer!  So I’m reading this book soley because of the UTK reference.  One of our tour guides actually works at the body farm.  It’s creepy, but a bit fascinating at the same time.

On the knitting front, the green baby sweater is still a work in progress.  I did quite a bit of work on it while we were on our college tour weekend (we also went to Columbia, SC).  I’ve divided for the arms and have started the decrease for the V-neck.  It’s messy working with 3 balls of yarn.  But I’m committed now!

 I’m getting there! I did take a detour to work on my blue socks.  The second one is FINALLY very close to being done.  I’m knitting the ribbing on the cuff.  I have lots of plans for more socks, so I better get on it!  So it remains to be seen which will get done first:  the socks or the sweater!!  My effortless cardigan has not been touched in awhile.  Need to get back to that too.

So many WIPs.  Too little time!!

3 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. Choosing colleges – we will be on that journey next year and I am stressed about it already! It sounds like an interesting book.

    Looks like you got a lot accomplished on your college tours!

  2. Lovely colour for a little persons sweater – like that you are working on all the bits at the same time – at least when you’re done that’s it for the body. Avoid the tangles.

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