Knit, Purl, Rip . . .

So the green baby sweater is no more.  I really, really did not like the way it was looking, and frogged it.  Since it was intended for Anna’s Boss’s baby, I don’t feel too upset about it.   Have a pattern for a cute pair of booties that I think I’ll go with instead.  Have not started that one yet.

Have started another pair of socks.  It’s from the Little Book of Socks patterns.  I’m using some beautiful Yummy yarn (in green tea) and I think they will be lovely.  Also have to start on Anna’s blanket.  I found a nice pattern on Lion Brand yesterday – The Patchwork Sampler Throw.  It has 5 different block patterns and five colors.  I ordered the yarn from Knit Picks – had one skein each of three colors all set to go (orange for the Univ of Tennessee, Yellow for Chapel Hill High and Green – a favorite color of Anna’s).  Ordered two more of each – and 3 dark green and one darker purple.  If she doesn’t go for the dark green and/or purple we will exchange.  I’m keeping the other three colors!

The shawlette is still going. Haven’t done much work on it lately.

I am just loving YouTube these days though . . . what a great source for knitting videos.  I have yet to find a stitch pattern or technique that I haven’t been able to find a video for!  I’m sure there may be some, but so far lots of luck.  Some great knitters out there sharing their talents.  I keep my kindle fire close by so I can check out videos as I go if need be.  Had to figure out how to do a knit, purl, knit in one stitch.  I had a pretty good idea of how that should go, but the video was great to confirm.  Also figured out the daisy stitch.  Great knitting resource!!

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