Feeling Green

Green seems to be my go to color these days.  In knitting and at home.  On saturday I tossed all the old pillows and seat cushions on the porch and bought a new set in greens.  And new green throw rugs for the kitchen.

I had been knitting a green baby sweater – but that got frogged.  Still plugging away on the shawlette.  But started a new pair of socks (you guessed it – green) and started working some of the blocks for Anna’s blanket (started with green!).  Here’s a picture of the sock and block.

This photo didn’t come out as clearly as I’d hoped.

Anyway, the blanket has been an on-going saga of late.  I’ve been after Anna to pick some colors for awhile.  I mean, she’s going to college in mid-August.  I need to get working on this thing.  I found a very nice pattern on the Lion Brand site – a total of 30 blocks.  5 colors – each color a different pattern.  I bought some yarn, and the only colors she liked were the light green and the dark green.  I’ve got to get her online to find three more colors.  In the mean time, I’m going to work on these blocks!  I really want her to have a nice blanket made by me to take off to college.

She vetoed the yellow (which represented her high school) and the orange (which represented the Univ of Tennessee).  I want to use knit picks superwash merino for this project.  Not too expensive, but still very nice – and washable!!  I told her I wanted her to be able to just throw it in the wash if she spills beer on it!  She just laughed and rolled her eyes!!

Have not been reading this week.  Trying to figure out what to read next.  I saw someone just read The Thorn Birds – loved that book.  Might reread that.  Of course “Fifty Shades of Grey” is the hot book among my friends right now.  So maybe I should read that one first!!


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