Something Old . . .

The 100 Days  of Knitting took a double whammy this weekend.  No knitting on Friday or Sunday! Friday I just did not feel that great and was exhausted.  On Sunday, I think I just needed  a break. Maybe when the cooler weather gets here, I’ll shoot for 100 days again!!

I’ve got a bit of ADD re: my knitting projects right now.  The Effortless hasn’t been touched in awhile – although I DID wind up two more skeins for it on Saturday.   Optimistically thinking I’ll get to it soon!  I’ve got two different socks cast on, the shawlette is about half way done now — but I may back track a few rows.  I’m diligently weighing the yarn to make sure I’ll have enough .  Not sure I do have enough and may have to shorten the mid-section a bit.  And the blocks for Anna’s blanket . . . one that isn’t quite finished.  Oh!  Yes, and the scarf I started before Christmas for my Dad.  I pulled that out last night.  The yarn is so soft and wonderful.  I may be spending more time on this one in the coming weeks.

Now for the something old.  We were cleaning out my mom’s closet a few weeks ago and found a beautiful baby sweater she had started at one point.  It’s a top down design.  She didn’t finish it.  She can’t remember who she was knitting it for.  The pattern wasn’t with it.  So I took it and was going to take it the LYS to try to figure out the pattern . . . BUT I was at her house again on Saturday and found the pattern purely by chance!

This sweater is so soft!!  It’s actually a light green – looks a little bluish in the picture.  My mom certainly had some knitting skills!  She has not knit in years.  When she was in college she used to knit winter hats for the girls on her hall!  She knit us hats as kids, and did some Christmas stockings.  But she got out of the habit.  We bought some knitting supplies for her awhile ago, but she hasn’t picked it up again. I should really work on this with her.

She made all kinds of notes in the pattern book as she was going along.  Just like I do now!  So cute.

So one of these days I’ll finish up this sweater and put it away for a future grandchild of mine or my sisters’.  I’ve got to see if she can remember who exactly she was making this for!!

No reading this week.  Just too tuckered out at night!!

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