Week End Projects

Just finished one busy project weekend!  On Saturday I went to help clean my mom’s house — and then went home to help install new blinds in our family room and kitchen.  We have needed new blinds forever!!  They look great!

I was also in the mood for a finished object.  So I took out a pattern I downloaded a while ago.  The title is so appealing ” Two Hour Toe Up Slippers”.  Could it really be done in two hours??  Well, the first one took a bit more time but I had to learn three new techniques (kitchener stitch, 3 stitch I cord bind off and making an i cord).  So it was a great learning experience.

The flower is a bit motley, but I’m sure the next ones will get better and better.  Have started #2 – and feel sure I will make more in the months to come for Christmas!!

I used Quince & CO Puffin in Pomegranate for this pair.  The pattern called for a size 10 needle, but I used a 9 since I tend to knit loosely.  I made the medium size and they fit me to a T — and my feet are on the smaller side of medium.  Will try the 10 next time.

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