What Do You Look for in a Knitting Project??

This is not an easy question to answer for me — and it really depends upon the day.  That’s why it’s good to have several WIPs — so there is one to meet your knitting needs day to day.

Most days I do enjoy a bit of a challenge.  Even if I have to frog it several times at the start until I “get” the pattern fully.  The Singing in the Rain shawlette is a great example.  I must have re-started that shawl 5 times before I really figured out what I was supposed to be doing.  But I’m in the groove now.  Problem is:  I really need to pay attention to the pattern as I go along.  So  it makes it hard to have a conversation, or watch a movie.  If my family asks me a question while I”m knitting now they understand when I am counting stitches and instead of replying right away – I say the number I am on really loudly.  “Where’s the remote?”  “TWENTY-FIVE” and then a minute or so later . . . “I don’t know.”

Lately, I like a project I can just knit.  My Effortless Cardigan is in this stage right now.  As is my newest project the Color Affection Shawl.  Have read so much about this shawl I just decided to cast on – well, after I got the loveliest colors to knit it with.  (Yarn Diet?  Who?  Me?)  I just love Quince & Co.  Their color palette is wonderful.  I bought 6 skeins of Finch in Leek, Delft (the blue) and Parsley.  Here they are . . . am using Leek as the main color:

I love love love this color combination.  Actually, I’ve progressed much farther on this than the picture shows.  I started the stripe rows last night.  The pattern is so easy that I can just knit away and watch a movie (watched “Source Code” on Saturday) or an episode of “Criminal Minds” (loving this show right now).  Once I start the short rows, this probably won’t be the case.  But I am really looking forward to wrapping this baby around my shoulders . . . maybe at the beach next month on a windy evening.  That might be some wishful thinking — that it will be done in a month.  Stranger things have happened.

Came across a picture of the double basket socks (I think that’s the name) that I started.  I love this pattern.  So easy in one respect (just knits and purls) however, you really are attached to the pattern as you knit.  So it’s not a good one if you’re wanting to just knit away mindlessly!

This yarn is from the Yummy Sock Yarn club.  This was the March selection.  Love this yarn . . . was not wild about the pattern that came with it, so I opted for this one instead.  So soft and squishy.  Yummy.

Ciao!!  Until next time!

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