Yarn Along May 23rd

Still cranking away on my Color Affection Shawl.  The most recent picture is in yesterday’s post!  But I’m making progress.  A weird thing about this shawl . . . I’m worried it’s going to be too small.  I usually have the opposite problem.  Forging ahead none the less!  

Waiting for a package from Knit Picks to arrive with additional colors for Anna’s blanket.  She claims she won’t like them (she’s 17 need I say more?).  So I don’t know what I’m going to do about it.   

Need to figure out what knitting will accompany me out of town this weekend.  I may be able to do some knitting in the car . . . have to think about this.   

As for reading . . . I just downloaded another murder mystery “Snowman” or “Snowmen”.  Read a review in the paper on Sunday and it sounded like great beach reading to me.  Either that, or Persuasion by Jane Austin!!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone on Yarn Along!!  Hope the extra day off gives you some quality knitting time!!

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