Long car ride

We went to the beach for Memorial Day weekend to see my Dad.  VERY short trip.  We usually try to extend Memorial Day weekend for a couple of days, but just couldn’t do it this year.  So we took the 7ish hour drive to St. Simons Island on Friday and returned on Monday.  Had one beautiful beach day on Saturday and then Beryl rained on our parade on Sunday.  Nature did provide one beautiful consolation however in the form of a double rain bow in the late afternoon.

Such a lovely sight.  It was fun to see all the kids (middle schoolers and high schoolers) so excited to see this.  My son took this picture (I snagged it from his facebook page!).

So it was a long car ride!  I brought along my color affection  . . . but also wound up a hank of malabrigo worsted weight that I purchased a couple of weeks ago.  Just for fun.  Shortly after we started out, I pulled out the malabrigo and knit a fingerless glove during the ride.  No specific pattern – just used the basic format I learned from other patterns.   I kept notes as I went so I could make a matching 2nd!  Just as it became dark, I bound off.  We had left around 3:45pm — and I did take nap in there along the way.    Made the 2nd on the way home on Monday.

I have since woven in the ends and added them to my FO bag (gathering items for gifts!).  I do need to block them still . . . but can do that anytime!!  Just love ’em!!  Even my daughter liked them!

Didn’t do too much work on the color affection.  I found a hole in it!!  So I put it away until I could focus on it – fixed it last night.  Isn’t perfect, but is okay.  This still seems like it’s too small.  I’m hoping it’s just my imagination or paranoia.

On the homefront, this was the first time we left our cat, Scotch, home by himself.  One of our neighbors stopped by a couple of times a day to feed him and give him some attention.  He finally seems to be happy we’re home.  The first day or so, he seemed torn about whether to really mad at us – or just happy to see us!!  He is my little shadow . . . and I missed that sweet face!

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