Yarn Along

No pictures this week.  I went a WHOLE weekend without knitting which has become highly unusual for me.  Trying to gain some knitterly perspective on the events of last week!

The first part of the Wendy Knits Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl pattern was released today!  I think I’ll start working on it tonight.  That yarn is just calling and calling “When are you going to knit something beautiful with me!”  I think a KAL – along with the mystery element is going to be fun.  I MAY end up taking this project to the beach with me next week.  Either this or the color affection.  Or Anna’s blanket.

Recently,  Project Stash mentioned the book “Knitting Stitches Visual Encyclopedia”.  I downloaded a copy on my Kindle Fire – and she is soo right!!  What a great resource for different stitch patterns.  This is going to come in very handy on Anna’s blanket.  I can try out a whole bunch of different patterns.  That will add another element of fun to the blanket.  I’ve done a blanket of blocks before and it can get a bit tedious!!

Finally getting into “East of Eden” and really enjoying it!!  Long book.  Not sure it’s quite beach reading though . . . may opt for something else next week!

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