The Saga of the Blanket

Once upon a time, I decided it would be a great idea to knit a blanket for my daughter to take off to college with her.  I had grand designs in my head.  A tiger paw square for her high school, a square for her new college.  Colors that represent special places to her.  I had a short-lived plan to make a checkerboard patterned blanket in orange and white for the University of Tennessee — that’s where she will begin her freshman year of college in just four weeks!!  My big mistake was involving her in the planning!

She nixed the tiger paw and the checkerboard.  When I picked out five new colors for a patchwork square blanket she nixed all but the green.  She wants a green blanket.

I decided I’d make a patchwork blanket with shades of green and blue.   Nope.  And I had about four squares done!!

Last weekend we went through my stash and found several greens she liked.  I found a pretty baby blanket pattern that I thought I could adapt.  I could, but after I started it just wasn’t right.  Still not wide enough.  So I started over.  And it still wasn’t right.   So last night I frogged it again last night around 11:00pm.  It just hasn’t been right.  I want this blanket to be so special – to keep her warm when she’s away from home.  My idea of special and hers are not jiving.

It came to me.  One of my favorite yarns is ANYTHING by Quince & Co.  So I logged on and found their pattern for the November Blanket.  I think it’s just what I’m looking for.  It’s made from Puffin (chunky goodness) and I can easily make it a bit bigger (she wants it big!!).  I downloaded the pattern, and today purchased the yarn.  It’s just right. I know it.  I will probably start before she leaves on the 17th.  It would be a good project for the car ride there and back.  And will make me feel connected to her.  I hope to have it done by Sept 21st when we go to Knoxville for Family Weekend!  That would work out great.

My grand plans are to make a blanket for my son, my two nieces and one nephew when they all go off to college.  My son and my oldest niece both start college the same year.  So basically, I better start now!!  And lesson learned:  ask about favorite colors, but not patterns and designs!!

I hope the next four blankets will be easier.  This one has been, and will continue to be, a very emotional journey.

2 thoughts on “The Saga of the Blanket

  1. a blanket……just like giving a great big hug!! wonderful idea!!! and puffin is so soft—and wonderful to knit with. (just one sort of aside…..I don’t think puffin is machine washable; this might not be a real issue with a girl in college, but probably a consideration for the son and nephew!!!!!—I sort of speak from experience here!!!!!)

  2. The November blanket looks incredibly cozy! Blanket knitting is such fun and gifting them is even more fun. You can do it!

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