Sometimes You Need an FO

I’ve been trying to get my knitting stash and “stuff” organized this past week.   I deleted my entire stash inventory off Ravelry and started over.  It was so out of date – this just seemed the easier option!  So far, it hasn’t been too much of a distraction.  Looking at all that beautiful yarn can cause a lot of casting on . . . but I’m holding off so far!

Since I realized there was no way I’d finish Anna’s blanket by Aug 17th, I decided to work on a few smaller projects in the meantime. Then as the blanket develops it will be more of a surprise when she gets it (hopefully on Family Weekend – Sept 21st).  She told me that a friend of her received a crocheted blanket from her Mom in her college colors.  I resisted the urge to say “I wanted to do that for you . . .”

Last night I finished the Yolanda Neckwarmer:

This photo does not do the color justice.  It’s Madelintosh Tosh Merino in “Baltic”  Such a beautiful blue and so silky.  I got this yarn in my August Mad About Tosh Club.  I wasn’t sold on the pattern that came with it, and opted for this.  Just need to weave in the ends, and block.  Fun, easy knit.

I’m also working on Project Stashes Miranda Hat.  It’s in Cascade 220.  Now that Yolanda is done, I will focus on Miranda.  Actually brought it with me to work on at lunch today!  She’s looking good so far:

And my final update for the week is my Smitten mittens.  I checked out some Ravelry pages for this pattern.  So much inspiration from other knitters and their color combinations.  I had planned to make 24 plain smittens – but am now adding some combinations to the mix:

That pink and yellow one is really cute!!  So more plain and more striped to come . . . have 16 more to do so many chances to try fun combos!!

Til next week!!

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