What to Knit When There’s Nothing to Knit

I know many Moms out there have had a child (or more) stand in front of the open fridge or pantry and dramatically declare THERE’S NOTHING TO EAT IN THIS HOUSE!!!    Then, like me, you may rattle off a list of items that are in fact in the house and are in fact edible.  But nothing suits the poor starving child’s tastes at that moment.  WHY DON”T YOU EVER BUY ANYTHING GOOD TO EAT!!??

That scenario frequently plays itself out in my house with the kids.  And then . . .

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting around trying to decide what I wanted to knit.  And none of my current projects suited me at that moment.  THERE WAS NOTHING IN THE HOUSE TO KNIT!!!!   Then, AHA!!  I had purchased some Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica a few weeks ago from Craftsy.  The colorway is  called Wildflowers.  3 big worsted weight hanks have been hanging on my vanity since they came home. I had bought something really good to knit!!  And I’ve been itching to do just that.   Behold my creation:   The What to Knit When There’s Nothing to Knit Scarf!!

Is that some beautiful yarn or what!!  It’s also a fairly fast knit using size 11 needles!  Once it’s done, I’ll post a photo.  The pattern isn’t anything earth shaking, and I’ve already thought of ways I’d change it.  But that night, and now, it’s the just ticket for when you have absolutely nothing to knit in your whole house.

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