November Nights

Still plugging away on the November Blanket.  This thing is HUGE.  I’ve got to up my daily row quota.  For one,  I want to make sure I’m done in time for Family Weekend and for two, I’d like to work on something else!!    Here’s a photo from last night:

November Blanket

It is stretched out on our guest bed/cat perch.  The cat loves to sit on those pillows and look out the window.  The roof for the porch is right outside that window – and squirrels have the nerve to run across it all the time!!  And birds land there!!  Keeps a cat very busy protecting his house!

Anyway, you can see this blanket is big – and it’s only 57.5% finished!!   For reference, that is a full size bed.  I may need to leave out one pattern repeat.  Need to think about this.  I had to order more yarn  . . . running low.  This has taken 11 skeins of Puffin already!!   I sent her a sneak peak picture the other day.  She seems pleased and anxious to get it.  That girl is always cold.

As for reading . . . I have put down The Ghost of Black Mountain and picked up “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” by Rachel Joyce.  The University where I work has community “reads” and this is the next selection.  So far, it’s very good.  Harold Fry receives a letter from a former co-worker telling him that she is dying of cancer.  He ends up deciding to walk all the way to see her – hoping that by walking he’ll keep her alive.  Something happened between them years ago – only hints of it so far.  Doesn’t appear to be a romantic connection – but I guess we’ll see!


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