Yarn Along September 25,2012

I have a few things to report this week.  First of all, we went to Family Weekend at UTK last Friday.  Had a WONDERFUL time.  So much fun.  One highlight was bringing Anna’s blanket to her.  It’s big and green and cozy.

This is her all wrapped up in it!!  She loves it! Exactly what she wanted.  I’m so happy she has it now . . . been thinking I may need to start on the blanket for my son.  He goes to college in four years . . . never too early to start!

Since I finished the blanket, I made this hat.  A Striped Tam – with Classic Elite Liberty wool.  I saw the pattern in a catalog and it screamed “Kallie!”  So now, I have a really cute stripey hat for Kallie this Christmas.  The yarn is so soft and lovely to work with.  Would love to find something else to make with it.

Very cute.

I am revisiting the Color Affection Shawl.  I ordered new fingering weight yarn from the Fibre Company – Canopy Fingering.  The colors are orchid, rosehip and palm bud.

Sort of spingy colors – but I figure by the time I finish it may well be spring!

Also found out I have a baby to knit for!!  My step sister is expecting!!   The baby is due in April.  Have already picked out a few gender neutral items to knit.  By Christmas we should know the sex.  I’m hoping for a girl.  I’m so drawn to patterns for baby girls.  So many cute dresses to knit!!  We’ll be thrilled with a boy as well though.  We’re all just happy this baby is on the way!

2 thoughts on “Yarn Along September 25,2012

  1. I always try to visit the posts before and after me on Ginny’s yarn along. So glad you were next to me! I made a color affection and love it. Took me a while, but so worth it. Finally got to wear it yesterday for the first time. It’s been too hot. Love your blanket and hat. Very fun. I’ll be sure to stop by again.

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