Getting Back to WIPs and Ghost Mountain

I found myself at a great point for starting a new project the other day.  Not that I don’t have several WIPs going right now.  But you know how it is . . . none were calling my name.

So I restarted the Color Affection Shawl.  I do love the Fibre Company yarn I’m using for it.  So soft.  I’m trying not to make the same mistake I did the last time and purl a few rows here and there.  I’ve just started the first stripe section.  I cranked out a good number of rows last night – and plan to tonight as well.  Good TV with the debates on and all!  So that means good knitting.  Don’t have to stare at the screen – can just listen. Here is what it looked like last night:

I LOVE the color combination of an off-white and dusty pink.  The third color is a light slate blue.  I hope to keep humming right along on it.

I did pick up my Effortless Cardigan the other night.  I had not adequately marked the pattern where I left off the last time.  But, I was able to “read” the knitting I had done to figure it out.  I have a problem with it though – and I’m not ripping it out to fix!!  Right at the bottom of one of the arm holes, it looks like one of the stitches “broke” somehow. Maybe it got caught on something.  Fortunately it didn’t unravel.  I tied a knot in the spot to prevent it from frogging itself – and will try to figure out a more permanent solution.  I’ve gone way to far to rip out that much!!  It looks more and more like a sweater all the time!  Love it!!  Or I will love it whenever it’s done!

Trying to finish “Ghost Mountain”.  Tried to explain it to my sister the other day.  It’s a complicated story, but not written in a complicated way.  A few times I’ve had to stop to figure out who is narrating.  Overall, good read.

See you next week at Yarn Along!!

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