Happy New Year!!

Wow – two months since my last blog post!! Hard to believe. Although I haven’t been blogging, I have been knitting! Had a nice stash of handknits to give for the holidays. It was really great!! The hats and fingerless mitts that I worked hard on all year long made great gifts, and I believe they were really well appreciated! Here is one photo from Christmas day. This is a picture of the fingerless gloves I made for my two sisters and two nieces. This gift was so fun to put together. I bought a coordinating nail polish for each, some lip gloss and hand lotion. It was a big hit!!



So that my nephew wasn’t left out, I made him a great zebra hat and mittens. That was fun – and he LOVED them!! He’s a big zebra fan! I need to get a picture of him with them, but this is the set


Other finished objects in the last couple of months include a baby yoked cardigan for my husband’s cousin. It’s almost done — just need to sew on that cute little button.


I made this super cool scarf for Anna. She picked out the yarn at Thanksgiving — and I finished it just a couple days after she got home. She really loves it. Her friends love it too — so now I think I’ll be knitting something for them too!


Next up – getting my knitting life in order!!

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