Knit Notes & Two Classes

I ordered some yarn from Knit Picks last week for a special request project. More about that in a minute! Before I checked out I did some browsing around the site. Usually a dangerous thing to do! I found this book, “Knit Notes” and put it right in my cart!

knit notes

You can keep track of projects and your own knitty designs! Seems like so much fun! I do keep a notebook about projects (in addition to Ravelry). I’ve looked through it and think I’ll get some good use out of it! I would love to start designing some knits and writing patterns. I have a lot of knitting goals this year, actually!

The special request project is for my niece Sophie. She’s 9 and has started teaching herself to sew and is trying her hand at designing clothes! She is just awesome!! She’s pulling together a collection and I asked if I could make anything for her. She requested a hat. A cap – like a skull cap. The top part should be red. There should be one small yellow stripe close to the bottom, and then orange ribbing. When I opened the package, I really loved how the colors look together. It reminds me of the “yummy peppers” we get through our CSA in the summer. A small box overflowing with little red, yellow and orange peppers. And yummy they are!! So, I’m going to call this hat “Yummy Peppers”. I hope to get started on it tonight – but I do need to swatch first. I don’t want it to end up too big. I should have enough yarn leftover to whip up some wrist warmers or something.

yummy peppers

In other news I’ve signed up for two knitting classes at my local yarn shop in Hillsborough. The first one starts tomorrow afternoon. It’s knitting an entrelac scarf! Three hours tomorrow and then two in a couple of weeks. Then on Wednesday evening I’m starting a three session class on Fair Isle knitting. I need to get the yarn for that one still – so some fun yarn shopping on Saturday!!

Still thinking about organizing my knitting life. There are some wips that are about to become frogs. I have one Christmas scarf to finish. And more baby delights to make for my niece on the way!! Busy, busy winter and spring!! Good thing I like to knit!

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