Entrelac Class

Last Saturday I took an entrelac class at my favorite yarn shop. It was so much fun to sit around with other knitters and learn a new technique and talk about knitting for three hours. The time really flew.

The project we’re making is a scarf. I’m using Noro Silk Garden (which most of us are) and size 8 straight single point needles. I actually gifted myself the needles on Saturday. I was out and about and close to another local yarn shop. Really I did need a shorter set of 8s. The ones I have are a bit long for the project and unwieldy.

Here is what I’d done as of Monday night:


Not bad. I did another tier or so last night. Of course I can see all kinds of problems with it, but am resisting the urge to frog it and start over. The written instructions we received were a big help – there were a few times that I just stared at my scarf thinking: “Now what?”

Not sure I am in love with this technique. I did order the book “Entre to Entrelac” that the teacher recommended. There is a lot of picking up of stitches which is not my favorite thing. But I’m getting a lot of practice on it with this project!

After doing entrelac for about an hour and a half last night, I pulled out my dear old effortless cardigan which doesn’t look much different from the last time I posted a picture. I figured out where I left off and ended up knitting only three rows. They’re long rows though! I did count my stitches and I’m only off by 2 which seems pretty good to me. I would like to finish it up someday. I just love the Madelintosh yarn I’m using to make it!

Tonight I have a one hour long class on Fair Isle. We are making a tiny little doll sized vest. Will post info about the class and yarn etc. soon!

Also doing two yarn clubs again this year. Mad About Tosh again — and one through Sweet Georgia Yarns. I received my 1st SGY skein this week. SO beautiful. I think the name is “ballet” and it just suites this yarn to a tee. Will post about that too.

In closing, I’ll leave you with this picture I took of my crazy cat on Sunday afternoon. He was looking for his treats!

Scotch peeking out

Have a good week!!

One thought on “Entrelac Class

  1. oh I think your scarf looks lovely! It’s always great to learn a new technique….and even better to do it in a group of other passionate knitters…lucky you!!

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