Yarn Along and Class Update

Good Morning!

I’ve been knitting like mad for the past week – on the projects I’m making for my two classes. The entrelac scarf is coming along. I think I’m getting the hang of it for the most part – although I do have to stop and think before proceeding with the side triangles! I’ll be working on this now until Saturday – the 2nd and final class. We’ll be learning how to make the “top” triangles to finish off the scarf. I’ll probably have to frog that part since I’m sure the scarf won’t be long enough to actually be useful by then! The Fair Isle knitting has cut into the Entrelac time!! Maybe taking two classes at a time wasn’t the best idea! Anyway, here’s my scarf:

entrelac 2

The colors are really pretty. Weird thing – all are the same colorway and dye lot, but not all have pink in them. At least not that I can see. I do love that pink.

For my Fair Isle class, I had to have 30+ rows done by tonight. We’re making a little doll vest in the class. Happy to say, I finished all the rows I needed to last night! This continental knitting thing has been the hardest part. We’re being taught to knit English (the way I do anyway) with our right hand (and one color) and Continental style with our left and the second color. Finally last night I watched a YouTube video on Continental knitting and I think I have a better hang of it now. I’m not saying I’m going to switch any time soon, but after that it was much easier. I love YouTube.

fair isle 2

If I had it to do over, I’d use different pinks – there really isn’t enough contrast between the two. It’s hard to see the pattern. But, this is for learning and that’s a second thing I’ve learned about Fair Isle!! My next Fair Isle class is tonight. The final class is two weeks from now. We will be learning to steek. Yikes!! Happy I’m not really attached to this project. Wine will be served.

Just started reading “The Swimming Pool” last night. Not far enough in to have an opinion yet!! I must have read a review of it somewhere along the way – it’s been on my kindle for awhile!

And, because she is just soo cute, here’s a picture of my sister’s cat Cricket that I took on Sunday night at their house:


Have a great week!!

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