A couple quick FOs

I took a little break from knitting for my classes to finish up a couple other projects. The first one is the hat I’m making for Sophie. I sent her a picture of the yarn, but she will be surprised to see the finished product. Hoping to get it in the mail tomorrow. It is her vision brought to fruition. I call it the “Yummy Peppers” hat:

Yummy Peppers Hat

Yummy Peppers Hat

I really love the color combination. I have other items to work on first, but I thought some mittens or finger-less mitts would go nicely with this. And I’ve got plenty of yarn left over.

Then I decided I needed a pair of mittens. Most of my knits are gifts, and other than one hat that I rarely wear, I don’t have any hand knits of my own. I was browsing through my stash and came across the yarn I used for these. I think it was part of a mystery box that I purchased from Craftsy (those are so fun!). It’s very soft. I was able to knit these up in just a couple days. Actually, I did about one and a half mitts all in one day and was able to wear them to my son’s hockey games on Sunday! They are custom fit for my small hands!

my mitts

Very fun.

I also re-started “Seedling” a hat by Alana Dakos. I finished it last summer and then frogged it – way too big. I’m using a smaller needle this time, so I hope it works out. It’s such a lovely hat and am using gorgeous yarn. Not sure if this will be for me or for a gift. It’s actually a pretty quick knit.

My Fair Isle class doesn’t meet again until Feb 6th. There really isn’t a lot left to do. But I will have to figure out the kitchener stitch to graft the shoulders. Should be interesting.

My Entrelac class was supposed to meet last Saturday but was cancelled due to the weather. I’m sure the scarf will not be completely done and ready to bind off when I go to the final class, but I should be farther along than I would have been on Saturday!

Reading?? Haven’t done much. Too focused on knitting.

And finally, a little more cat cuteness to sign off for the week. This is my baby, Scotch, doing what he loves to do the most!

Scotch sleeping

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