Yarn Along

In an effort to get my knitting life more organized, I’ve spent a lot of time on Ravelry this week. I frogged a couple projects, put a couple into “hibernation”, re-organized my queue. And, added my stash! What a job. Still not entirely done with that. I was giving my husband a tour of Ravelry last night and when I showed him the stash page, he said “You have ALL that yarn!?” He obviously hasn’t laid eyes on my stash in awhile! I actually still have some yarn left to add; however there is a lot of yarn that I’m not really enamored of — and that probably won’t make its way into the stash page. That remains to be seen.

Of course, no sooner had I organized my queue, I cast on a totally new unplanned project! A sweet “smocked sundress” from 60 Quick Baby Knits with Cascade 220. I can not wait to get to the smocking part. It looks so fun! Here’s what I’ve done so far.

smocked dress

My classes both wind up this week. The Fair Isle class actually ends tonight. I spent all Sunday afternoon finishing up the knitted “tube” which will become a cute little doll vest tonight after we steek it and add some Icord edging. I have maintained an emotional distance from this project given the steeking issue. I understand wine will be served before we take scissors to knitted fabric.

The Entrelac class finishes up on Saturday. This class was rescheduled due to icy roads, so I had two extra weeks to work on it. I’m on the third of four skeins. I’ve been plugging away – and the entrelac is very cool. The problem I’m having is that this is a scarf – so you see both sides (unless you pin it in place) – and the back side is really ugly. I may have been brainwashed on this issue during the first class — because the teacher said the same thing. I’m thinking that I might frog the whole deal and make cowls or something where only the really pretty side shows. Also, I’m not loving the feeling of the Noro Silk Garden. I may be alone in this, but it’s not as soft as I like. It’s very pretty knit up though.

More kitten cuteness. This time my son got in on the action:

Nick and Scotch

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