Startitis and Deadlines

Oh, I’ve had a bad case of startitis lately. With books and knitting!!

Still working on the Cradle Cardigan by Knitbot for my niece who is due next month. I’m working away on the body now after separating the arms. Am hoping I’ll be able to finish it up soon!! I want to get it there before the baby does! I also have some adorable baby girl onesies and blankies to send to her. Can’t wait! Am trying to figure out when I’m going to get out there to meet her in person!!

In the midst of this, and the two Saroyans I’m knitting — I started a pair of Hermione socks. So much sock yarn in my stash. I started one pair, but they seemed too big – even though I had cast on 4 fewer stitches. So frogged it and took out the Swans Island yarn I’ve been hoarding for quite awhile now and re-started with that! The ribbing on the first sock looks a bit messy. I’m trying to ignore it, but so far so good. I have a feeling I will rip it out and start over again – again! Sticking with the Swan’s Island though – the gauge seems much better for socks.

I don’t really have deadlines per se on any of these items, but WANT to:

1. Get the cradle cardigan done by the end of March so it arrives before the baby
2. Get ONE Saroyan done before the end of June – for my boss who is retiring (not sure of the exact date yet)
3. Get one other baby boy sweater done by July – for a co-worker
4. Make another pretty little girl cardi from a recent Debbie Bliss Magazine for my niece done by the end of the summer (when I THINK I will visit)
5. Make my other niece’s college blanket early and give it to her this Christmas (she’ll be a sophomore in high school, but with four more “college” blankets to make, I feel like I should get a move on).
6. Would like to have many wonderful pairs of socks to give as Christmas gifts this year.

Phew. Getting nervous just reading this list!!

Among the various books I’ve started reading is “In One Person” by John Irving. I do like John Irving.

Also . . . I just finished watching all three seasons of “Downton Abbey”. Watching a series consecutively like that is great – it spoils you!! Now that I’m caught up, I can’t wait for the new season – although I’ll actually have to wait a week between episodes! 🙂 Started the first episode of “Upstairs Downstairs”. I do love period dramas.

No pictures this week. Will post some updates next week!!

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