Cradle Cardi

I spent a lot of time with my little Cradle Cardigan this week. Actually finished it off last night, and put it in for a good soak.

cradle cardi

This is it right after I took it out of it’s bath. It still looks “bumpy” to me in this picture. But this morning, it looked a lot better. The pretty little yellow buttons I picked out for it aren’t going to work after all. They are too pale. I have some bright pink heart shaped buttons that should work. The button holes are a bit small for them, but I can make it work! I cast on for a coordinated beret last night. It should be a quick knit.

This week – still having trouble sticking with a book. I read some short stories from a OLD favorite Stephen King’s “Night Shift”. My sister had my copy that I bought back in the early 80’s so I took it back! Creepy for bedtime reading, I know.

Hope every one out there has a wonderful knitting week!

One thought on “Cradle Cardi

  1. i think bright pink buttons will look great! can’t wait to see it all finished. and YES “night SHift” is a creepy bedtime read. i do love SK short stories, he gets right to the scary stuff. lol

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