Baby Beret & Yarn Along

As I posted earlier this week, I finished the Cradle Cardigan and am just in love with it! I also finished the coordinated beret as seen below:


Just too cute. I just need to get them in the mail now. Here’s a photo of both together. Not a great shot.

beret & cardi

So I’ve been looking at my project list in Ravelry. My Effortless Cardigan has been long ignored. I actually did about 6 rows on it the other night. It’s been slow going for sure. I still love it, and want to finish. BUT, so many other fun projects to do. I’ve been listening to different knitting podcasts at work. One one of the Knit Picks podcasts, they spoke about “knitting through a book” – knitting all or most of the patterns in a given book. I have a metric ton of knitting books at home, and probably the equivalent on my Ipad. So what to pick?! I picked a pattern in “Weekend Hats” called the Welted Toque. There are some very cool hats in this book. I caston last night, and did a few rows. The welting part looks so cool and seems pretty straightforward. We shall soon see!! I brought it with me to the office to work on at lunch time.

My sister recently expressed an interest in getting into crochet. So I hopped to it (anxious to get another yarn fanatic in the family) and got us signed up for a beginning crochet class tonight at a local yarn shop. I am so excited – should be lots of fun. I can crochet a bit, but as I’ve learned with knitting, a class or two never hurt anyone and usually helps! I’m going to direct her to Ravelry. She’ll be hooked! (pun totally intended!)

I started reading yet another book last night “Life After Life” by Jill McCorkle. She is just great. I’ve heard her read – and she lives in the town next to mine. Really looking forward to this read. I think I can stick with it!

One thought on “Baby Beret & Yarn Along

  1. Sweet sweater/hat set, I’m sure mom will love it.
    every week after ‘Yarn Along’ I have more projects in my Ravelry library, I see no end in sight, isn’t that wonderful!

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