After taking a look at my project list on Ravelry, I decided I must begin to show some restraint on new projects. I love having several going, but at this point I have too many that have been languishing on the needles far too long. So I’m trying to be disciplined and finish up some of these projects. Gift knitting first:

Scarf for retiring director
Vest for Co-Worker baby
Scarf for Dad
Scarf for Step Mom

The scarves for my boss and step-mother are fairly new. But since they have been started and are for gifts, they are at the top of the list. The vest for the co-worker’s baby has not been started yet, but given time constraints, I’m going to start it soon!

I sure don’t want to take the fun out of knitting, but I do want to get these items finished!! There’s also my Color Affection and Effortless Cardigan and a couple pairs of socks. . .

So “discipline” is my new mantra and am trying to put it into practice in my knitting life and with regard to other things such as exercise and reading. I’ve been bouncing from book to book. I need to settle in and actually finish some!!

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