Yarn Along April 17th

My step sister had her beautiful baby on the 11th! She is so cute! I know they’re exhausted, but have been posting pictures on facebook periodically. I can’t wait to meet her!

I am trying to be a bit more organized and less impulsive about my knitting. Impulsive — read casting on too many new projects. I am trying to focus on getting things done! I’ve been working on the Saroyan scarf for my boss. Am using Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino in worsted weight. It’s glorious!! You know how great a really nice yarn feels to work with?? Your fingers are just so happy as the yarn slips through your fingers. This is a wonderful yarn to work with, and the colors are beautiful. This picture really doesn’t do the color justice but here it is as of Sunday morning:

saroyan green 2

And a close up of one of the border leaves:

saroyan leaf up close

I was worried that it wasn’t going to end up being long enough. Am almost through the first skein, and it measures about 26″. I only have two skeins. It won’t be long enough to really wrap around your neck, but should be plenty long enough to drape over your shoulders and tie a single knot in the front. I tried to order more – but the store I ordered from is OUT. And I did a search on Google and couldn’t find any anywhere else!! But, deep breath, it’s okay. It’s going to work out!

As for reading, I’ve been in a strange mood. I read “American Psycho” over my spring break. So disturbing. It really affected my mood a couple times. But I wanted to see how it ended. I do confess to skimming quite a bit. I hear there’s a movie – but I think I’ll pass. Anyway, I’ve started re-reading IT by Stephen King. That book is scary!! I read it years ago. I remember going to see the movie and coming out of the theater, and there was someone dressed in a clown suit. Almost passed out! That is one scary clown.

2 thoughts on “Yarn Along April 17th

  1. I’m listening to “it” on audio. I read the book LONG ago (maybe when I was in high school), so it’s all new again.

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